August 2019

“I’m a psychologist. I research violence. I study this topic. It’s access to guns. IT’S. NOT. MENTAL. ILLNESS. And while I’m screaming, IT’S NOT VIDEO GAMES either.”

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July 2018

“We should not be looking for strategies to identify the next school shooter, we need to identify strategies to look for the kids who need help,” Temple said. “Rather than identifying the needle in the haystack, our approach is … universal primary prevention that affects the needle, but also the hay.”

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August 2019

“Taking all this information together, limiting access to guns, regardless of any other mental health status, demographics or prior mental health treatments, is the key to reducing gun violence”

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February 2019

“I think we’re starting to understand the importance of mental health as a society, and the importance of prevention...The future is definitely going to be psychologists within primary care departments.”

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June 2018

“It’s a three-fold stress: the reason they left their country, the journey [to the U.S.] and now being, at a vulnerable time, separated from their parents...Really what that amounts to is child abuse. These kids will experience negative and irreparable harm.”

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December 2017

"There's zero evidence that it [spanking] enhances children's development, and there is a whole bunch of evidence that it has negative outcomes...our goal is not to turn out fine. Our goal is to turn out healthier and happier than previous generations."

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February 2018

“Consequently, efforts and resources to criminalize sexts should be redirected to educational programs on digital citizenship and healthy relationships.”

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March 2019

“We can prevent things like dating violence and if we do that we can prevent domestic violence which we know costs the American tax payers about $8 Billion dollars a year in healthcare and lost productivity.”

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